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My Absence

2014-05-04 01:23:34 by vicoria91


I haven't been on here in a long time, and I apologize! I've had a lot of real life stuff going on in the last few years.

I post my art on tumblr now. I might upload it here too, I will be uploading my stuff from this site to tumblr soon as well.

So, to my 5 fans, I'm sorry, especially the one who tried to scout me in my absence!


Here's the tag I use for my stuff on tumblr: nanophuart



Profile Pic

2012-02-10 04:49:01 by vicoria91

Why won't my profile pic/icon thingy change????

Profile Pic

New Audio Submission

2012-02-05 08:32:33 by vicoria91

I uploaded my new song, just need it to be approved :)

Poppa Rocks

2012-01-23 01:29:29 by vicoria91

Don't forget to check out my game: Poppa Rocks Dress-up! I drew everything by mouse. It was a very fun project!

Poppa Rocks


2012-01-20 23:02:44 by vicoria91

My little animation :)


2012-01-20 20:45:54 by vicoria91

Just testing out the software that came with my tablet :) I'll make a long one soon...

Well Darn

2012-01-20 16:11:40 by vicoria91

I tried to post some art today and got the "Unscouted limit met" message. So, I can't post anymore art? I'm kinda pissed now. Guess I can take some of my sketches off :/ I'll just have to start pasting my art in my posts until I get scouted *crosses fingers* I used Aviary photo editor on my Chrome browser to crop the photo, that's why it says that at the bottom :/

Grrr, hate that background. I'll change it and I'll post it again

Well Darn

Were's the Mermaid?

2011-12-20 13:55:45 by vicoria91

I had a drawing of a mermaid posted on here, and it disappeared.... where did it go?
i guess I'll post it again


2011-12-18 04:34:26 by vicoria91

New stuff out SOON!!! Much better stuffs now that I have a program!!!!
**I'm gonna be re-doing my old pics, so be sure to flip through my old stuff to see the improvments :D**

New Art

2011-05-19 23:20:53 by vicoria91

Heys, I am submitting two more pieces of art today. One a mermaid drawing and one a printwork piece I did in 2009. Let me know what you think! :) oria91/mermaid oria91/german-boxer